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At you are facing several communities located in Asia, sharing and promoting various contents and knowledge regarding the website lifestyle themes on Education, Extra-Curricular activities, Legal Services, Healthcare, Leisure & Tourism, and Associations. 

Wide Audience and Engaged Members. Mylifestyle360 appeals to a wide audience because it covers many lifestyle themes  to which members seek information but also share information, knowledge, and insights for the benefit of the community, as well as for their personal community as well (i.e.: Facebook, LinkedIn...)

High Quality Content. At Mylifestyle360 we empower professional social content through different lifestyle themes. Journalists, professionals from the community write high quality content to which members respond and share with others. Conversations are triggered and the messages are amplified. The content is also pertinent to a global life in Asia, and the many intercultural challenges that people are dealing with in this part of the globe. The members have an influential voice and will help organizations to innovate and to shape the future now.

Time Spent. Members will spend time on the website for collaborative and participative actions. Indeed, we are creating a social experience that will inspire actions, via responses to posts, to forums threads, the publication of new contents, the participation to polls or surveys, etc ... Thus, since members will stay longer on a page, your ads will gain longer viewing time!

Several Sections by Themes. Besides the homepage, the website is structured by sections according to the themes detailed above. There is also a Forum and Magazine on which advertising can be posted. This is a nice way to easily target your audience, by themes, thus accessing exactly the users you want.

Several Community Pages. Members can belong to many communities and thus access to several community pages. For instance a member can join a specific academic institution, a healthcare program, a relocation business, etc ... these represent organization community profiles to which your ads can be targeted to.


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