About us

About us

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Mylifestyle360 core team has more than 70 years of cumulated experience

By living abroad, we have been confronted by educational and professional issues in various countries and cultures, amplified with Globalization, as the world’s markets and businesses are increasingly connected and interdependent.

From our own experiences, we believe that these issues can best be addressed via a community that will share information, innovative ideas and spark inspirations and actions, for the benefit of us all.   Hence, Mylifestyle360, your networking platform in Asia.  

Mylifestyle360 empowers organizations

Mylifestyle360 empowers organizations, such as academic institutions, businesses and associations,  to build a social dimension, network with others and contribute in valuable professional content for the benefit  of Mylifestyle360 members. 

Indeed, your community, built by you at Mylifestyle360, will help you increase your presence on the web, interact and cross-learn with your targeted audience and generate leads.  A new way to conduct business by social weaving, so amplify your voice at Mylifestyle360.com, your digital hub to shape the future in Asia.

Like minded people

The Mylifestyle360 community members share the same interests and intercultural challenges:

  • Living a global life 

  • Embracing changes and shaping the future in their lifestyle themes.

  • Sharing knowledge, experience, innovative ideas, global insights regarding their life in Asia. 

Launched in June 2012, in China, Shanghai, the platform is also welcoming other organizations from second and third tier cities in China. Deployment to additional Asian countries will be done in the near future. 

Mylifestyle360 Community Services

To establish a solid foundation to your social community, you need to know and understand your audience. What are they looking for in their interactions with your organizations?  What professional content you would like to share?  How to engage your constituents? How to network with other communities?

At Mylifestyle360, building your community is FREE and it will start with these three simple actions:

  • Register your community according to the lifestyle themes/sections of the web site, which are, Education, Extra-curricular activities, HealthCare, Legal, Services, Leisure & Tourism, Association

  • Invite friends

  • Contribute to the community by adding valuable content. A nice way to become visible and gain audience and members to your community.

The steps above are the very first steps to build your nascent community, however, it needs to be nurtured for your community to grow.

For that, you will have to develop bonding with your constituents by listening to their voice in the forum, via blog post comments, polls, members’ rating of a service … 

We build it for you

If you are not sure about the right approach in building your community, we have international social media experts that can help you build and grow your community for a period of three months. Do not miss this opportunity to position your organization strategically and to become an authoritative voice at Mylifestyle360.

The steps for this service proposal are as follows:

  1. Consultation. It will be a an initial 30mn to 1 hour call to better know your business, to understand your objectives, and define your audience.
  2. Community set up.  We will be your community manager and help set up your social web space and image by using your logo, your pictures, the content themes you will like to publish and share with your community members.  Polls can also be designed to better know your audience.
  3. Community launch. For this critical step, we will give you ideas to promote and grow your community. It is a 30mn webinar with our dedicated expert.
  4. Documentation. We will give you a documentation regarding your social community, metrics and tips to grow your business on our social networking platform.

Let’s us help you grow your community, facilitate conversations, spark excitements and inspire action!